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 “I’ve worked with Bethany for about 2 years now. My goal was to maintain progress during my summer breaks and Bethany always helps me go beyond just maintaining. I enjoy every workout because there’s always something different in each session and she always manages to challenge me in a way. Throughout my training, I also realised how much I enjoy functional strength training compared to traditional strength training. I’m glad I reached out to her!” 

- Fatma Alkhyeli

 “What I can say about Beth! At last I found a trainer that cares about her clients and works with them to reach to their goals. I have been training for years , from pilates, Crossfit to yoga, you name it, I tried it all but I never saw major change in my body shape. In contrast, within 20 sessions with Beth, I saw a major change in my body shape. With Beth we worked on three major aspects, nutrition, my fitness goal and mastering the exercises. All the planning was done by Beth and I had to only follow the instructions and show up on time for my sessions . As a result , I saw the change in my body shape , I got stronger and I'm able to do different exercises without hurting my body.” 

- Aysha Dhaheri

 “I came to Beth after a pretty intense triathlon season had left me sick to death of cardio and unimaginative in the gym. Wanting to build muscle in the off season and relight my fire with fitness, I thought that Beth’s creativity and energy may be just what I was looking for, and must admit I was absolutely right. I worked with Beth of 8 weeks, and from day 1 she created a programme that was perfect for me. It put together strength and mobility whilst also catering for my rather unique triathlete needs. Most importantly however, the unique programming kept my mind engaged whilst my body was being pushed to full capacity. In addition to the programme, we also worked on my form for movements I had been less confident about, most notably my deadlifts and bench press. By the end of the 8 sessions I felt competent enough to even move on to cleans, something I’d never even attempted before! In short, Beth turned me from a lacklustre cardio bunny to a confident gym goer. I’m still enjoying every session and can’t wait to see the benefits of my winter training for the 2020 triathlon season.” 

Harriet Denis Le Seve

 “Bethany has really helped me find my love for fitness and understand not one size fits all! Bethany is one of the best in the industry and really knows her stuff! She is so motivating and will help you get to where you want to be whether that’s an aesthetic goal or a performance goal. Her sessions are different and inventive and really specific to what you individually want to achieve. Bethany has taught me so much and I would recommend her to everyone.” 

Saskia Debenham

 "I have loved every minute of working with you and you have helped to totally transform my life and sense of well-being over the past year or so."

Anthony Robertson

 "I really enjoyed working with you and form a good platform to work from. You were very much integral to that so thank you for all your help. You make it fun and you work me very hard  - both of which I appreciate."

Charlie Beer

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