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Keep Strong & fit, with limited kit

4-week strength, sweat & stretch MINIMAL KIT PROGRAMME

SUSTAIN AT-HOME is a 4-week exercise programme designed to deliver you smart and structured

minimal-kit workouts that incorporate strength, conditioning and mobility.


With a plethora of home-workout options available, it can be easy to fall into a trap of just picking ones at random. BUT, random workouts, provide random results. Not only will this programme provide you with structured and purposeful training, it will also give you accountability to ensure you remain on track - even when you're working out at home.

Each of the full-body workouts is designed to promote movement quality, prevent injury, provide enough stimulus to sustain your muscular strength, as well as provide a mixture of complementary conditioning challenges, both moderate and high intensity to keep your fitness level in check.


SUSTAIN AT-HOME is the perfect programme to get you through your time away from the gym.


Train with Purpose, on Purpose.


4-week training programme

4 x strength workouts per week.

2 x options for conditioning workouts per week 
Minimal kit required - 2 dumbbells, 1-2 kettlebells, resistance bands.

Video demos of every exercise.


Space to log each workout for accountability and monitoring progress.

Your workouts will be delivered to you each day via an app.

Mobility routines, functional strength training and challenging cardio conditioning using minimal kit.

Design to promote quality movement, prevent injury, maintain and build strength and improving your cardiovascular fitness.

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