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REBUILD is a 5-week exercise programme designed to transition you back into gym based training

in a safe, smart and enjoyable way!

Whether you have been away from the gym due to closures, or if you are joining the gym for the very first time, the truth is that your muscles and joints will be less conditioned to heavy loads, high volumes and complex movements.

You cannot expect to dive in where you left off, however, the great news is, any gains that you feel you may have lost, can rebuilt. 

This programme provides a consistent training routine designed to progressively REBUILD your strength and cardiovascular fitness through structured sessions and gradual weekly progressions.

Get stronger, fitter, move better and avoid unnecessary injury.



A progressive 5-week functional strength and fitness programme.


REBUILD the foundations of the key movement patterns (squat, hinge, push, pull and carry).

Complimentary accessory work, including core, to help rebuild muscular strength and size.

Creative cardio conditioning challenges to develop your fitness.

Efficient and effective movement.

The programmes also comes with access to private Facebook community for additional support during the 5-weeks.

I will share tips on nutrition, recovery and mindset to supplement your training. 

The programme is best suited to those with a basic knowledge of gym based exercise.  


E-Book containing 5-week programme

4 x workouts a week

8 x conditioning challenges

Trackable progress

Access to private Facebook group

Accountability Tracker



Access to a barbell

A variety of dumbbells & kettlebells

A cable machine

Access to single or multiple conditioning equipment (treadmill, rower, assault /watt bike, ski-erg)

For a limited time you can sign up for REBUILD

at a special EARLY-BIRD rate!!!

Between 25th & 26th July you will be sent your REBUILD E-BOOK and be added to the Facebook Group ready to begin on Monday 27th. 

REBUILD will still be available for purchase after the 27th July and you will still be

added to the Facebook Group.

The E-BOOK is yours for life and you can start it whenever you like.

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